Patrick Jonsson - Composer

Patrick Jonsson is a film composer living and working in London, UK. Originally from Sweden and Poland, Patrick has grown up in various parts of the world and spent most of his childhood living in Malaysia.

He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston (2007) and was selected to attend the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2009.

In 2013, Patrick scored his first feature films, including Bends directed by Flora Lau, which had its premiere as part of the official selection for 'Un Certain Regard' at the Cannes International Film Festival where the music was praised in Variety: "Sparse dialogue and haunting music lend an alienating effect; other craft contributions are also excellent." Patrick went on to receive a nomination for 'Best Original Film Score' for Bends at the Taipei Golden Horse Awards 2013.

Most recently, he composed music for feature documentary Virunga directed by Orlando von Einsiedel which had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2014 as part of the World Documentary Competition selection.

He has also composed music for numerous short films, documentaries and commercials, including the award-winning short film Skateistan: to Live and Skate Kabul which was an official selection at Sundance and SXSW.

Patrick has additionally assisted composers on a number of feature films such as Thor, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, My Week With Marilyn, Brave, Gambit, and The Imposter.

In addition to his film scoring work, Patrick runs a company called Ignition Sound.

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VIRUNGA - After the Struggles are Over (reflective/strings) VIRUNGA - End Credits (big melody/warm strings) VIRUNGA - Looking to the Future (modern pulse/expansive) VIRUNGA - Virunga National Park (big strings/percussion) VIRUNGA - Orphan Gorillas (playful/light) VIRUNGA - Inexhaustible Resources (mournful/intimate) Vintersomn (ambient/expansive) BRIEF INTERMISSION - When Nobody is Watching (organic/electronic) BRIEF INTERMISSION - Gracie Jones (tough beats/industrial) BENDS - Bends (modern/pensive) Amina (orchestral/reflective) Ape Quantum Giant (epic/hybrid/punchy) We Once Were Tide (dreamy/piano) Sub Zero (dark/pulse/evolving) OUTPOST: RISE OF THE SPETSNAZ - Bunker Firefight (action/horror/epic) OUTPOST: RISE OF THE SPETSNAZ - Descent (deep/foreboding/horror) WE RIDE - We Must Have Hope (orchestral/gradual big build) WE RIDE - Undefeated (industrial/punchy/chaos) Kabul Palace (modern/drones/heavy beat) Kid on a Bike (classic hollywood/uplifting/heroic) We Must Have Hope-Reprise (orchestral/uplifting) Shard (dark/big build/horror) Reconstruction (orchestral/reflective) Confessional (modern/upbeat) First Kiss (ambient/percussive) Grit (tense pulse build) Saknaden (orcehstral/soaring strings) Plains of Gonder (ambient/industrial) Player Two (machinae supremacy official remix) Same, Yet Different (orchestral/minimalist) Feker (light/glassy) 1230 (string quartet) We See You (dark/industrial/dubstep/electro) Rupture (pulse/dark/horror) Moth (experimental) Flight (orchestral) The Kudans (orchestral/light/upbeat) These Things Happen (ambient/delicate/slow build) From Nowhere (industrial/evolving) Change is Coming (ambient) Euphoria (electro/pulse) Underworld (ambient/big climax/industrial) Home (ethnic/orchestral) Gosrics Hollow (orchestral) Progress (percussive/glassy/uplifting) Pulsar (pulser/dark/big drums) Glow (electro/uplifting) Touch (electro orchestral hybrid/flowing) Swiatlo (orchestral/solo violin)


Selected trailers and excerpts:



2014 Virunga Director: Orlando von Einsiedel
Company:North Kivu Productions / Grain Media
TriBeCa (World Documentary Competition 2014) Hot Docs (International Spectrum 2014) DOXA (Opening Film 2014)
2013 Brief Intermission Director: Misha Vertkin
Company: Third Eye Productions
2013 Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz Director: Kieran Parker
Company: Black Camel Pictures
Edinburgh IFF (Official Selection 2013) Frightfest (Official Selction 2013)
2013 Bends Director: Flora Lau
Company: Shadow Puppet Productions
Cannes ('Un Certain Regard' 2013) Toronto IFF ('Discovery' 2013) BFI London FF ('Journey' 2013) Taipei Golden Horse FF 2013 -- Best Original Film Score - Nominated
2013 We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding Director:Jon Drever / Orlando von Einseidel
Company:Grain Media / Burn
Vimeo Staff Pick 2013


2011 Little Voice, Big Mountain Director:Orlando von Einseidel
Company:Grain Media

Short Film

2012 Start From Zero Director:Flora Lau
Company:Shadow Puppet Productions
2012 Santa's Blotto Director:Patrick Myles
Company:Film London
BFI London FF (London Calling 2012)
2012 Anthropopopometry Director:Patrick Myles
2011 Flight Director:Nick Verso Tropfest(Finalist 2011)
2011 We Once Were Tide Director:Jason Bradbury
Company:Pecadillo Pictures
MIMI LGBT Barcelona (Winner Best Screenplay 2011) Frameline35 (Official Selection 2011) BFI LGFF (Official Selection 2011)
2011 Aisha's Song Director:Orlando von Einseidel
Company:Grain Media / Girl Hub
Youtube "Your Film Festival" (Finalist 2012) SXSW (Official Selection 2012) Camerimage (Official Selection 2011) Brief Encounters (Official Selection 2011)
2011 My Name Is Feker Director:Orlando von Einseidel
Company:Grain Media / Girl Hub
Seattle IFF (Official Selection 2012) Rotterdam IFF (Official Selection 2012)
2011 Radio Amina Director:Orlando von Einseidel
Company:Grain Media / Girl Hub
Toronto IFF (Official Selection 2012) IDFA (Official Selection 2011)
2010 Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul Director:Orlando von Einseidel
Company:Grain Media / Diesel / Dazed & Confused
Youtube "Your Film Festival" (Finalist 2012) Sundance (Official Selection 2011) SXSW (Official Selection 2011)
2009 First Kiss Director:Matthew Huston
Company:Minor Hour Films
Brief Encounters (Official Selection 2009)
2009 Dry Rain Director:Flora Lau
Hong Kong IFF (Winner Best Short 2009)
2009 The Sun Seekers Director:Jason Bradbury
Company:Arts University College Bournemouth
Exposures (Official Selection 2009)


2012 Katy Perry: Part of Me Worldwide Trailer Company:Ignition Creative / Universal Pictures
2012 Sony Movie Channel Idents Company:Ignition Creative / Sony
2012 Amnesty International: When You Don't Exist Company:Grain Media
2012 Samsung: London 2012 Olympics Company:Grain Media
2012 Malaysian Tourism Board "Nasi Lemak" Company:Grain Media / Vimeo
2011 Honda R-Type Mugen Company:Collective London

Film Music Department

2013 Jack Ryan (Assistant to Composer) Director:Kenneth Branagh
Company:Paramount Pictures
2012 Gambit (Assistant Score Recordist) Director:Michael Hoffman
Company:Crime Scene Pictures / Michael Lobell Productions
2012 Brave (Assistant Music Engineer) Director:Mark Andrews / Brenda Chapman / Steve Purcell
Company:Disney / Pixar
2012 Outpost: Black Sun (Music Programmer) Director:Steve Barker
Company:Black Camel Pictures
2012 Brass Teapot (Assistant to Composer) Director:Ramaa Mosley
Company:Atlantic Pictures
2012 The Imposter (Assistant Score Recordist) Director:Bart Layton
Company:RAW / Film4
2011 Will (Assistant Score Mixer) Director:Ellen Perry
Company:Strangelove Films / Galatafilm
2011 My Week With Marilyn (Assistant Score Recordist) Director:Simon Curtis
Company:Trademark Films / BBC Films / The Weinstein Company
2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Assistant to Composer) Director:Rupert Wyatt
Company:Dune Ent / Chernin Ent / Twentieth Century Fox
2011 Jig (Music Recordist Assistant) Director:Sue Bourne
Company:Head Gear Films / BBC Scotland
2011 Thor (Music Recording / Mixing Assistant) Director:Kenneth Branagh
Company:Marvel Studios / Paramount Pictures
2011 La Ligne Droite (Assistant Score Engineer) Director:Regis Wargnier
2010 Blue Moon Rising (Assistant to Composer) Director:Stewart Sugg
Company:Endemol Entertainment
2010 Cuckoo (Assistant Score Engineer) Director:Richard Bracewell
Company:Cuckoo Films / Papillon Pictures


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